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1st...Tongues (Kissing With Tongues)
2nd... Touching (Touching Of The Other Persons Penis, Boobs And/Or Vagina)
3rd... Oral (Oral Sex, Sucking Their Penis Or Licking Out Their Vagina)
4th... Sex (Intercourse)
Girl 1: What Relationship Bases Did You Hit?
Girl 2: Me And The Dude Skipped 1st And 2nd Base And Went Straight To 3rd, Oral ;)
by LilMissBlondie August 17, 2009
1st... Hug
2nd... Holding Hands
3rd... Kiss On The Cheek
4th... Kiss On The Lips
5th... Open Kiss
6th... Kiss With Tongues
7th... Touching Boobs, Vagina And/Or Penis
8th... 7th But With Clothes Off
9th... Oral Sex
10th... Sexual Intercourse
Dude1: How Far Did You Get With That Girl?
Dude2: Well, On The Relationship 10 Point Scale We Got To 4! :D
by LilMissBlondie August 17, 2009
A Scabby Slut
OMG tammy's a right sket she shagged 10 guys ova the weekend and never washed !
by LilMissBlondie August 24, 2009

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