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A very outgoing person She's fun, crazy, smart, nice & funny. She's sometimes a handful, She always has her friends & familys back no matter what, don't ever fuck with Angelina because she'll fuck you up 10x worse. She's hella cool to hang with & is with the shit, Angelina always speaks her mind but she can be shy at times. She don't give a fuck what people think of her she's her own person & lives her life to the fullest. Angelina is a down ass female who knows what's up & is real. She loves to partyy too. Angelina got #swagg<3 (=.
Guy#1: Ayye did you see Angelina damn she hella bad.
Guy#2: Hell yea she is, what i would do to make her my gf.
Girl:Angelina is a crazy ass girl i love her though:)<3
by Lil A#10 November 23, 2011

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