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A religious sect of Christianity, now deemed a cult, that spreads itself to as many people as possible. Claiming the end of the world is nearing, they say it is their duty to preach to all to save them. Only Jehovah's Witnesses will survive the end. Though they may seem peaceful, nice and loving, "hardcore" Jehovah's Witnesses are infact nearly terrorist, violent, hateful, racist and overall, disgusting people. They spread anti-semitism, believe in hating the United States, Israel, the United Nations and homosexuals. They previously have been on 20/20 for sexual molestation charges within the church. They are one step lower than terrorist extremeists and preach many falsehoods that they cannot backup. The horrors do not stop there, as charges of molstation and racism are only the beginning. Along with those come, trespassing, assault, harassment, battery, terrorism, manslaughter and hate crimes. They believe in not accepting vital medical help such as organ transplants and blood transfusions and if a JW parent's child is critically injured and needs such a medical treatment, the religion prohibits it. The child, even if could be saved and fully recover, is told they must die.
I got visited by Jehovahs Witnesses today, they tried blocking me from shutting the door on them.

Those damn Jehovah's Witnesses keep harassing me every weekend.

Quick! Shut the door and lock it, the Jehovahs Witnesses are coming. Call the police!
by Liberation May 22, 2007

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