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A new mp3 player, similar to the Apple iPod mini, manufactured by Creative. In general, the Zen Micro is better. It has larger storage capacity and an easier-to-use design.
Dude, did you check out my new Zen Micro? It holds more songs than your iPod Mini, and it was cheaper!

Did you see his slam dunk at last night's game? It was as cool as my Zen Micro!!!
by Liberal Hippie Douche March 14, 2005
A narrow fabric band of varying length worn around the neck and tied in a knot or bow close to the throat.
Although generally worn by males while dressing up, it is slowly becoming acceptable to wear casually.
When girls where ties, they are subjected to torture of trying to be "unique" or an Avril Lavigne poser. Neither of which is necessarily true, some wear them just because it sounds fun (they do make great accesories!).
"I wore a tie today because I felt like it, but everyone called me an Avril Lavigne poser. That's not true at all! If anything, she simply opened the door for non-necklace neck-decor for females; just because I wear one doesn't make me a poser!"
by Liberal Hippie Douche March 18, 2005
A funny, daily comic strip by Bill Barnes and Gene Ambaum. It's about a public library in the ficticous city of Mallville. Main characters include Dewey, the young adult librarian; Mel, the head of the branch; Tamara, the children's librarian; Colleen, the old reference librarian; and Merv, a young kid that just hangs around the library but doesn't read. Buddy, a man wearing a beaver costume, and Ned, a naked attorney, also make appearances.
Guy 1: "Did you read Unshelved when the sixth Harry Potter book came out?"
Guy 2: "Yeah, it was so funny!"
by Liberal Hippie Douche July 25, 2005
A person who defends their "high" level of intelligent by typing "and for all of u that think cheerleaders are dumb then u are so wrong."
I can't even watch the football game anymore, the damn cheerleaders keep on getting in the way.
by Liberal Hippie Douche June 20, 2005
1. To be juiced is to be pumped up on steroids.
2. An autobiography by former baseball player Jose Canseco, where he revealed a lot about his usage of steroids and their role in MLB.
1. Did you see that guy? He is so ripped, he's gotta be juiced.
2. I read that book "Juiced," and now I'm convinced that Jose is a total nutcase.
by Liberal Hippie Douche April 24, 2005

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