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An overrated music act, who are apart of the English Indie Pop Punk scene. They engulf the listener in a muffled warble of sound, with no distinguishable notes. They are currently gaining alot of credit, but will eventually fade out to second rate musicians due to the hype of their first cd, "Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not", and their inability to create proper music.
The cd title itself, also denotes the band with a pretentious label. It displays them trying to be the 'outcasts' of the music industry, even though there are currently twenty something other bands making it big who sound and act exactly like them.

However, the Arctic Monkeys do have the potential to be good. The lead singer has a fairly decent voice, so if they actually focused on making music and not noise, then who knows, they may actually be good.
Arctic Monkeys are extremely overrated.
by Liam Oates August 04, 2006

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