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In China, there is a famous word "color wolf" to describe someone who is lustful. The word "goat" would probably be the nearest English translation. The predatory nature of the wolf is implied.
New female Chinese immigrant dressed like a slut: "You no look at me like that! You are color wolf!"
by Li'l Scottie February 23, 2012
An older American car that was once upscale but is now only driven by destitute niggers or mexicans. The primary identifier of a hooptie is that both the hood and the trunk are longer than the passenger compartment. Since all the shocks were worn out 17 years ago, all that excess weight in the ends of the car tend to make it sort of pitch and roll a lot.
1977 Mercury Monarch,
Cadillac Eldorado... all of 'em.
by Li'l Scottie July 27, 2005
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