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A sweet little girl with the prettiest eyes, A salina is usally skinny, with natural boobs and thighs. A salina is a lucky charm, and any guy would be lucky to have A salina. salina is a crusher and a lover, if you annoy the fuck out of her shell start to scream at you. a salina wont want any one near her man, if she dosnt want you around him shell usally tell someone else to tell you to back off, or if you get on her bad side, shell tell you to stay away. a salina is usally protective of ones she loves.
when it comes to a boyfriend/or husband then you better stay away from her man, or shell plan the most horrible revenge. a salina is usally quite and shy, and shes the badest mother fucker when it comes to jelousy. if your a friend of a salina, then you better be a good or friend alike her or else shell backstab you

a salina
a salina is usally never judging, and can fall into deep love,

a salina usally will hate anyone, if a salina dosnt hate you them stay on her good side.
a salina is usally intellignt and knows a bitch when she sees one. salina likes to be the boss, and salina usally likes to touch or be touched, but somthing a salina hates is getting poked, if you wanna piss off a salina then you poke her, but if you really want to piss her off then expect getting beat the shit out of, or shell never stop complaining about it.
salinas or usally cute and cuddly
Man 1: hey i wish i had a salina.
man 2: i just got one last week, and im keeping her forever.
man 1: aw you lucky fucking basterd.
by LgsMan August 06, 2012

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