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A super-posh private school divided into two campuses: the 'Middle School' (consisting of grades 7-9) is located in residential Bel Air area, and the 'Upper School' (consisting of grads 10-12) is located in the fine Studio City area, of which I am a proud patron.

anyway, you will only be accepted into Harvard Westlake if you are one or more of these things:
~very very rich (bonus if you're jewish too)
~a product of a Hollywood mogul/empress
~unusually intellectual (as in a genius)
~you have a sibling who goes there

yes, Harvard-Weslake is for rich-bitches, man-hoars, child prodigies, and bloomind Hollywoodites. if you are any of the above listed, than you're pretty much on the Harvard-Westlake golden steamer choo-choo!

don't get me wrong, Harvard-Westlake isn't a bad school! in fact, going to Harvard-Westlake will give your parents plenty to brag about! it's the best private school in the friggin country!

just be warned, you just might catch the deadly 'Supahpreppyrichiesmartass' virus while in attendance!

worthy of note: if you are actually black and, like me, have been called names such as oreo or wack, or milk and cookies, or likewise, Harvard Westlake is the school for you, because the ghettoist kids here are pretty much the white boys who watch too much MTV. and that is damn saaaddd fa sho.
Bobby Richboy: Yo' sucka I just got into Harvard-Westlake foo!!
Johnny Gangsta (who is actually black): Boy, you aint black.
Bobby Richboy: I'm practicin' fo Harvardizzle-Westlakizzle dizzle!

Jennifer (at Harvard Westlake): hey Lola! Do you think you can make it to Fred Segal this weekend? Daddy just gave me three thousand.
Lola: oh stop trying to act all rich, biatch!! you know you're only sore because my Daddy's yacht cost six million more than your daddy's yacht!!

worthy of note- I actually hearda conversation like the following in my math class with my own two ears.


Teacher: you won't be at school next week?
Student: no. my dad's taking the family to a press conference in Japan. Daddy's thinking of a merger with Sony.
by LexyEcho fo-real December 23, 2005

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