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1. "without lack of regard" or "not without regard"

1. "not disregardful"

While many claim it to be grammatically incorrect and brush it off as the dumb way of saying "regardless", there is a meaningful place for this word in the English language. The unreduced double negative formed by the prefix and affix acts as a redundant intensifier of the root word "regard"; meaning this word is useful in certain circumstances for emphasizing the sheer amount of regard or the mere presence of regard in a given situation. It is similar to the usage of superlative reflexive pronouns.
1. Irregardless of the anonymous tip, we decided to double the amount of guards.

2. The irregardless lifeguard noticed the drowning boy quickly.

3. I, myself, typed this irregardless of the lack of a sufficiently adequate definition.
by Lexicon Man February 13, 2008

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