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A insult that describes a specific variety of nerd. Used specifically towards nerds who are addicted video games and/or anime and they make it part of everything they do and say. Their appearance usually consists of:

- Poor hygiene
- Acne
- Are either extremely skinny or extremely overweight (rarely in between)
- Usually have very greasy unkempt hair
- Wear anime or fantasy themed shirts
- Are usually seen consuming snacks and beverages such as Cheeto's and Mountain Dew (Hence the term "Cheese Nerd)

They are also usually mild mannered unless talking about/playing Yugi-Oh, Naruto, and other anime/nerd subculture things. They are also most likely seen playing various anime card games, video games, or reciting lines from online/television phenomenons. The term originated from when I read a article on the internet about a certain webmaster's hatred for nerds where it said "cheesy nerds" and I misread it as "cheese nerd". As you can tel, the term is a pejorative one used to describe people of that description.
The only reason Caleb joined the football team is because he wanted to cover up the fact that he is really a cheese nerd and spends his lunch period playing Yugi-Oh and discussing when the new Pokemon game is coming out.
by Lexicon Devil February 17, 2008
Minorities who spend all of their welfare/child support checks on expensive clothing. Can also be applied to chavs and other people.
Ivory is such a bape ape. She spent her kid's child support check on Bapes and her nails.
by Lexicon Devil February 12, 2008
Can be either smegma (the crust on yer balls after sex) or jizz.
I got a serious case of chode paste after banging that chick.
by Lexicon Devil February 16, 2008
1. When you are brained (grabbing your nuts and squeezing them so they resemble a brain and shoving them in someones face)by multiple people at once.

2. The performance of said act.
1. So I was sitting there making out with my chick when I looked up and Larry was braining me so I turned my face only to be confronted by Kurt's nuts.

2. When Larry passed out, the guys and I gave him the brainstorm of the century.
by Lexicon Devil August 16, 2008
A slang term for the male genitals, since there is 3 parts, like a tri-state area.
You mind if I go commando? My tri-state area is experiencing a drought.
by Lexicon Devil August 16, 2008

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