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1 definition by LexiBoo24

1. A situation where an event is planned in an unorganized manner and/or thrown together at the last minute. The situation can be as small as a meeting or rehearsal or as big as a wedding or party, and it can be filled with drama and stress for all parties involved, especially if one party is rational and trying to provide some organization. Nigga mess can show up in anyone's life at any moment, especially when there is to much input and not enough money. Does not necessarily involve a person of african-american descent. For people who would not like to say nigga, you can substitute "ignorant mutha". They both mean the same thing.
Girl 1: Hey you going to shanae's party saturday?
Girl 2: Hell no, that's gon be nigga mess. That party gon' be messed up

Guy 1: Damn!
Guy 2: What's up, man?
Guy 1: My manager want me to come into work for a meeting in 30 minutes. What the hell? He always do that.
Guy 2: Yeah, he be on some ingnorant mutha mess, dude.
by LexiBoo24 November 09, 2011