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Act of enslaving more than one man at once.
A person who believes she can have it in the butt and still be a virgin.
Act of continuing compulsive word vomit.
A skanky whore who is really a man behind all that makeup.
All of the above and more...
"I don't want him but you can't have him, because I want him too...because I'm ADD"
"No, really, I'm a virgin...I've only had it in the butt...once, twice, hell every night. But I'm still a virgin! Swear!"
"I love him and him, but today I only want you, but just so you know on Tuesday the rules state that I must switch off...sorry!"
Morning, on phone with boyfriend..."Honey, just so you know if you ever see me without makeup, I want you to hear this from me...I'm not a girl! I'm a man! The makeup is key!"
by Lexi and Hope May 18, 2007

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