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2 definitions by Lewis Docherty

Loosemoose is a member of the Regentguitars.co.uk forum, and he is a fgt. lolz.
"LoWLZ!1! i r lov teh geetars!1!binary!"

"Byu teh v-amp, si pwnage on a stikc!"

"i em a fgt, lolz"

"Tox si teh pwn!!11"
by Lewis Docherty February 28, 2004
1 11
Uber l33t member of the Regentguitars.co.uk forum and respected gamer of biblically L337 proportions
"Tox si teh pwn!11!1one!"

"Tox meak me teh l33t siggeh wiht jo0r photosohp skillz!1!"

"Tox si so h0t i wnat to date him, he has teh huge paniss!1!!binary!!!one!"
by Lewis Docherty February 27, 2004
14 46