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MTV is the idiotic and mentally challenged drunk older brother of VH1, and wrongfully calls itself a "television station". MTV is more of a cult then a channel. It basically says if you're not skinny, punk, emo, gay, a pill popper, a party-er, beautiful, or in-love with over-played over hyped sucky talent, you're not a mortal human being, you're just a figment of air that creates and image and disturbs the eyes of people who are like that. They play bullshit music which they say is real music (panic at the disco? fall out boy? can you say image-ridden and under-talented) which only the followers like yet don't really like the bands for their music, but for the image and attention they get, whether they know that or not, it's the reason they like it. The only good shows ever on mtv were jackass, wild boyz, punk'd, and sadly, the andy milonakis show. Everything else is for preppy smug stuck-up asshole fags who do their hair everyday and think that they are the shit. MTV is the reason people laugh at people with OCD and terrets, and the reason people have sex, have un-wanted babies, have abortions, smoke pot, drink to much, commit suicide, and ruin the lives of people who have to deal with lovers of MTV. And they always seem to talk about voting, because apparently the only thing important other than image is voting, and promoting the dumbest shit that just happens to rake in the most money, which is truely sad for the face and image of America today. MTV is nothing but another evil strand in the web of a corrupted and devilish American government, and it really disgraces and embarrases, people, music, America, and the world as we know it.
Friend: Dude Travis Barker is the greatest drummer ever!
Me: Go listen to some jazz. Travis is good, but i think you watch a little too much MTV.

Girlfriend: Why are you breaking up with me?
Me: Because your Laguna beach/real world obssesed ass throws up to lose weight and now you're nothing but a ghost with bones, you MTV fanatic bitch.

(Hangs up.)
by Levin Gibbs February 07, 2007

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