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1) Your "boys" or testicles
2) Your "boys" as in your friends
1) ~ "Oh crap he hit him right in the Tezzies, hes going to be pissing blood for a week!"

2) ~ "Hey man ring up the Tezzies and get them over here"
by Lester Hope April 10, 2006
a less offensive way to say "####". Its quite acceptable to slip the word Quant into conversation at a dinner party with your mother-in-law. she would probably throw her hands up in despair if you said "old tezzy bogangoth was such a #### to you at the store today" , why she might even disown you, however if you said "old tezzy bogangoth was such a Quant to you at the store today", she may temporarily recoil in horror but after a millisecond she would realise it was all part of her imagination, and that you never said anything wrong at all.
"That piss head is such a quant, i cant believe he drank all your beers!"

"Peanut head is such a good quant, im so happy he blew off that chick to hang out with us"
by Lester Hope April 10, 2006
Firearms manufacturer from Finland. The company is the little brother of Sako one of the finest gunsmiths in the world. Sako is owned by Beretta.

Tikka has changed the world of firearms, by delivering a rifle that will shoot a 1 1/2 Inch grouping out of the box for around $700US (thats $1400 NZ and about 15million Zimbabwean!)
Peanut drew a bead on the wapiti with hius brand spanking new Tikka T3 in .243 winchester peeeeeow peeeeeow it was down and writhing on the ground, he ran to it as fast as he could and stabbed deep into its throat, easily penetrating the silky skin, finding his mark, the purple arterail blood gushed out in a hot salty stream. ~ yeah thats how id use it!

by lester hope April 11, 2006

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