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2 definitions by Lester Chunks

When one takes a diarrhea dump into another person's spread open, upwards facing, rectum. The dumper then proceeds to eat the contents out of the rectum with a spoon or spork depending on how chunky the chili was.
Guy: Baby, my love for you is like diarrhea I just can't hold it in.
Girl: Oh yeah? Then it's time for a Texas Chilibowl!
by Lester Chunks May 26, 2008
A sexual act of passion where a partner takes a dump prior to the scheduled love making and freezes it for about a day. The frozen poo is then used as a dildo whenever you or your partner feel the need to spice things up.
My baby was getting so tired of the vibrator so I told her I'd give her something new to play with. She's been on the Alaskan Pipeline ever since.
by Lester Chunks May 26, 2008