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1) A doll made of rags.
2) To throw someone about and move them around really fast.
3) A type of cat.
Wow, that ragdoll sure is ug-ly!

Ha! I just ragdolled that bitch!

My ragdoll cat looks like a plush!
by Lesbian seagul September 23, 2007
Adjective: A blind fucker. Verb: 1) When you are fucking then you look at a light/flash and go blind then keep on fucking.
2) You fuck someone that's blind or two blind people fuck/have an orgea. 3)
Lady: I saw the grossest thing today.... Two people fucking near a lighthouse! Then one went blind so he was a blind fuck!

Chorndog (Horndog and Corndog): Cool! I saw two bling people walk into each other naked and the guy's dick went in the lady's vagina!

Lady: Eww!
by Lesbian seagul September 29, 2007
1) A lesbian who is more manly than lady-ish and usually is the alpha-lesbian.

2) My sister.

3) David Spade.

4) You.
Wow dude... My sister... is a total dyke!

Ho! that lesbian better find a hot lesbian, not that dykey dyke Mcdykington!

by Lesbian seagul September 23, 2007

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