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Makin A Smooth Movement(s)
Me & My Baii Smoovin N The City Tonight N All Lat

Shorty Said She Coming Thru Tonite She Smoovin All Da Way Thru
by Leron aka Smooth aka Du$t April 07, 2011
Female Wit Smelly Vagina
Tell Dat Yamp Get The Summers Eve

Heard His Girl Is A Hummingbird Hes A Chicken Of The Sea Baii
by Leron aka Smooth aka Du$t August 28, 2011
Started out of the Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn community and brought to the forefront by rapper Nine11Kevin aka Kevin Madison. A greeting like saying "Wassup" with the sound of the word "Boi" spelled B.A.I.I. meaning (Brooklyn Always In It) since Brooklyn is everywhere and pronounced like "Bye" or "Buy".
What Up Baii? I Aint Seen You In Mad Long baiiiii!

What Up Baii? Wus shakin wit da makin?

What Up Baii? Wassup Wit Da Wassup?

They Spelled It Bai... Betta Go & Get Dat I.. BAII*

Is Dat My Son? OH SHIT WHAT UP BAii!
by Leron aka Smooth aka Du$t May 03, 2012
The 7th Letter Of The Alphabet G

Could Be Used TO Signify A Gangsta Or Game
I Hit Dat Yamp Wit The 7 N We Was Smoovin To The Crib All The Way Thru
All My Baiiz 7 Letter'd Juu Heard?
by Leron aka Smooth aka Du$t April 07, 2011

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