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5 definitions by Leonardo Miller

1. hanging, doing nothing, chilling
2. listening to music.
we just vibin' in the basement.
by Leonardo Miller June 16, 2008
Also Known As Grinding. When a girl is rubbing her ass all over a guys dick really slow to a song in a sexual matter until it comes to the point where he gets a woody
she was slow stroking so good that i got a woody.
by Leonardo Miller May 28, 2008
A picture of yourself at the gym taken by a conceited bro on steroids in hopes to answer the age old question: Do you even lift?
Vinny: Bro, do you even lift?
Jimmy: Look at my last swolefie I posted on instagram.
by Leonardo Miller March 27, 2014
1) Process of getting something.
2) To take something out.
I just sprang out my gat, and pop that nigga.
I sprang out my penis, and made her suck it.
Shes so hot, i sprang a woody.
by Leonardo Miller June 16, 2008
Also know as genital herpes
Bob says: yoo whats that on my dick??
Billy says: thats genital herpes!
Joe says: hahah u got incurable penis acne.
by Leonardo Miller June 16, 2008