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A state where one is in extreme depression and utmost disastrous mode.
Example 1:
(At the career fair)
Me: Hello, here is my resume.
Recruiter: Ok, looks good, but I don't want you.
Me: WHAT!!!! .....Sai Sob....

Example 2:
(Playing Starcraft)
"OH NO!! Zergling attack!!! Sai sob...."
#sob #sad #depression #tears #give up
by Leonardo Leonardo February 23, 2014
Process of belittling people and squeeze water on a person who knows the future
Me: Alex just squeezed water on my pants!
You: Oh snap! You just got kasterized!
Me: I know dude! Kasterization sucks
#belittle #mock #squeeze #water #kaster
by Leonardo Leonardo January 22, 2013
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