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A very famous song by The Dollars.
Dude did you hear that new kick ass song Meatball by The Dollars?
Dude I made that song!
by Leo July 02, 2004
to have a good relaxing time, where you can all talk, drink, just basically a chill out session. LAZY!!!
"what are you doing tonight?"
"Im down for the cotch!!"
by Leo January 01, 2004
a girl with half her hair bleached blonde and the other half a darker colour
man look at that stupid girl's hair, what a skunk hahahaha.
by leo October 06, 2004
I read that the root is in the word "campare - tirare a campare, to live from day to day" which became gambare and eventually goomba.
"Hey gambari!"
by Leo November 13, 2003
that which is understood to be created for the unique purpose of translating non-empirical information into empirical form.
This dance is a work of art because it was choreographed to symbolize sexual frustration.
by Leo July 16, 2003
when something has gone very wrong (adjective)
your mum's face is kushed
by Leo October 27, 2004
Crappiest school in Dallas. Emphasis on crappy. I mean it's the worst school in town. Only good thing is the girls, well the ones who are not slutty. Now in sports. BA SUCKS!!! And even when we win we still suck.

Bryan Adams beat W.T White in wrestling and yet even the B.A. coaches say B.A Wrestling team sucks.


The only good thing in ROTC, because most of the awards given are because our cadets beat all other schools. Yet we were about to make it to National, under the command of another colonel...Alexis and I now regret leaving ourpositions as Colonels because the new one sucks and we keep losing.

So in few words...BA SUCKS!!!!
Even when we win the only ones who get respect is the ROTC, some of the Belles and the Karate teams
by Leo February 10, 2005
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