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a particularly painfull shit, as it leaves your anus ring stinging.
that curry i ate last night was too spicy, i took a ringer stinger this morning.
by leo July 30, 2003
a charity organization founded by 4 great people. www.teensfortomorrow.org
i like teens for tomorrow
by leo January 01, 2005
A 1973 Ford Falcon XB/XB GT v8 police car used in the movie "MadMax" and also seen in "MadMax2: Roadwarrior"
VVrrrrooommmmmmmmmmm, its also v8 manual!
by leo August 03, 2004
Spanish word usually used after the word puta for females. If directed towards a male the word would be descarado after puto

adj. To talk or act without decency, honesty or shame.
Chris! you puta descarada!! Why did you fuck my boyfriend?! I thought you were my friend!
by Leo January 28, 2004
a 4wd version of the corolla ae92/93
4wd, not fwd, not rwd, but all four
by leo August 03, 2004
The best Homestar Runner fan forum on the web.
StrongFans, It's invegstga-awesome!
by Leo April 03, 2004
a charity organization started by 4 young georgians and is now a great sucess. i like teens for tomorrow. www.teensfortomorrow.org
teens for tomorrow is a great organization
by leo January 01, 2005

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