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2 definitions by Lemons rock

A satisfaction of somekind or just a way of telling someone how they feel

Tom: I'm so bored I'll go on urban dictionary.com and write a random definitionis for happy.

Fred: Eh.. I'm pretty happy...
by Lemons rock December 28, 2008
1) A type of animal that can be trained to be civilized as a pet.

2) A girl's nickname for Catherine
(Example 1)
Father: What your cat doing on the sofa Mary?

Mary: My cat? I don't have a cat..

(Example 2)
Catherine: Come on John, we don't have all day

John: I know, I know, just give me a secound here, Cat..

Catherine: I've been waiting for four hours!

John: It's harder then you think!

Catherine: It still shouldn't take u so long to tie your shoe.
by Lemons rock December 29, 2008