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A person who goes from thread to thread on a message board oblivious to other posters, addressing every post you write and rehashing old gripes based on a personal issue they have with you.
John: I am glad someone created a topic about rude drivers. I hate it when people cut me off on the freeway!

Jane: Oh there you go again John! Just like I told you before, you never have kind words for anyone. I noticed you have a problem with people ever since your thread about your sassy, freeloading cousin. You need to get therapy if you can't handle rude drivers and family members, etc. etc.....

John: Jane, you go into every thread I am in and derail it with your personal issue with me. You're nothing but a thread stalker! There's other posters on this message board, you know.
by Lemonade Squeeze September 30, 2012

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