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1.A night where Nice Guys stay at home alone and think that a few miles away, the girl of their dreams is with some asshole having the times of their lives without you.

2.An event which takes place in Nice Guys in nice guys imagination to make their pathetic High School experience seem better.

3The way for nice guys to start jumping into an ocean of depression and alcoholism starting their junior year. A lucky few will make their senior year better before it's to late. (Not Likely)
1. Guy stays at Junior Prom Night, home stares at the clock and wonder what their crush is doing at every exact moment with him.

2. Guy gets rejected by girl to Junior Prom, stays at home puts on music and imagines being with her. Its fun until guy realizes how pathetic it is.

3. Guy gets reject by girl to junior prom and is extremely depressed that prom night and despite hearing how bad alcohol is, decides to try it. Guy realizes that alcohol helps depression keeps drinking and from then on when ever he's depressed has a drink.. (Which is quite often, poor ex.. nice guy hello raging alcoholic)
by Lemon Guy January 05, 2010

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