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Lehigh is hell on earth if you are a minority. Be prepared to be stared at, have things yelled at you, and have to hear racist, sexist, and homophobic comments on a daily basis. There is no one to turn to either. Lehigh is aware of what is done to minorities and does nothing about it. This year someone skinned an animal head and left it in front of the UMOJA house. I've recieved death threats since i've been at lehigh and they just brushed it off. The faculty is pretty good but the majority of the student body are close minded, sheltered, spoiled, ignorant, rich white kids who have grown up in a bubble. They are OBSESSED with alcohol. THEY LIVE FOR IT. If you are not an alcoholic you're going to have a difficult time fitting in or having fun. All they do every weekend is play drinking games (sit in a basement playing with balls and cups) The student body is very homogeneous and is not accepting of people that are different. It is an ultra conservative environment. It's very hard to come across real or accepting people and those that are here are getting the hell out. I know four people that are transferring this year and I don't blame them. I would if I could but I'm stuck here (financial aid).

Campus is pretty dull. There's not much to do. The surrounding city is boring as hell. We're ranked in the top ten of the most boring college towns. One good thing about the campus is that it is beautiful. It's very scenic and peaceful. The only bad thing about the actual campus is that we are literally on a mountain. Freshmans can't have cars so you have to walk up and down it to get to class and back and forth.
Lehigh University is drinking at night.
Lehigh University is hungover in the morning.
Lehigh University is heaven for preppy frat boys and blonde slutty girls.
Lehigh University is hell for those who are black, brown or asian.
by Lehigh Student March 20, 2008

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