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Gorgeous woman who's beautiful smile and sexy eyes will attract any man to her. She is very loyal and will do whatever she can for her man. Although her sexyness will attract many, she is a one woman man. She will most likely end up with a sexy man of another race (probably Asian) to whom she will be unable to resist being without for any period of time. This man will have an amazing body and will be dark complected with a smell that will arouse her profusely.
Oh my god look at that girl! I'm so jealous of her! She must be a Charline!

Look at that woman's man! He's a hot ass Asian! She's definitely a Charline!
by Legal Definition July 06, 2009
To wolf a gnarley. In the sense of a sexual act such as busting a nut, blowing a load, or even having a bowel movement, etc...
Holy shitballz Batman! I think I just wolfed a gnarley!

Hey baby, how bout we call it a night and wolf some gnarleys?

Where's the shitter? I'm gonna' wolf a gnarley!

So how much would it cost for you to wolf my gnarleys?
by Legal Definition July 06, 2009

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