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a slang-term or alternate for Wal-mart
I don't have anything better to do in this small hick town. Hey,I know I can go to wally-world(wal-mart)
by Lefty A.K.A left-eye August 07, 2009
1:A gigantic store with nothing to buy and every time they remodel the inside their inventory gets smaller and the store seems to get larger.

2:Also after christmas it seems they forget all about stocking up on their inventory.

3:Departments that seem so far away that you need to have either walkie-talkees or cellphones if your in a party more than one in case one goes to the food and the other goes to the mens clothing and the other goes to electronics

4:Going in late at night. All those check-out lanes and only two ever seems to be open if you go in late at night and a:every employee seems to be watching you b:all the security cameras seem to be watching you and c:it seems like someone tails you every where you go. So why don't they just close it after 10 p.m like every other department store if they are that afraid of inventory shrinkage. and the final d:you seem to reach the check-out lane late at night at the exact time those only two lanes that are changing the money in the cashier forcing you to wait 30 minutes

5:It takes an average 15 minutes to find a parking space, 15 minutes to get into the store, 15 minutes to get to get to the department you want to get too inside Wal-Mart, 30 minutes in the check-out lane, 15 minutes to get back-out, and the final 15 minutes to figure out where you parked your P.O.S
Oh look it's tax free weekend and all those rednecks at the Wal-Mart
by Lefty A.K.A left-eye August 07, 2009

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