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A erection one would get in pre-historic times, such as cave (rock) men
"I poked my head into your window and betty was undressing. She saw me there, but she didnt stop."(Barney)
"She didnt stop. I mean, she saw me there looking at her, but she kept undressing."(Barney)
"Whoa are you serious?"(Fred)
"Yeah, i got an erocktion."(Barney)
by Lee Bird July 19, 2009
The finger people thank you with when driving and they are on a cellphone (commonly the pinky)
Wow, i let them cross lanes and all i got was a thank you finger.
by Lee Bird August 14, 2008
Quite possibly one of Weezer's best songs, featuring a music video with the Muppets.


A fishing metaphor for someone to keep trying at a difficult task, or to simply keep fishing.
Hey, i was up at 2 in the morning listening to Keep Fishing by Weezer!
by Lee Bird July 26, 2009
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