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a word to express awsomeness, excitement,energetic,hyperness,ect.

OMG im so crazy Peeyah!!

let me tell you a joke Peeyah!!

Peeyah!! aaaaaaaaaaaah Peeyah!!

this is fun Peeyah!!

Im having the time of my life Peeyah!!
by Leandro (Peedee) PerezIV April 30, 2009
Jewbagasuarous (Jew.bag.a.sor.us)

derived from the word Jew & Jewbag

A really lame preson;someone who is stupid,dumb,lame,uncool,clumsy,a douche,ignorant,
always hurt,
very odd,immature,extreamly Jewish
somone who falls down a step of stairs is considered a Jewbagasuarous

someone who doesnt know anything will be considered a Jewbagasaurous

the lamest person you know is a jewbagasuarous

"he gets hurt all the time", "what a jewbagasuarous"
by Leandro (Peedee) PerezIV May 01, 2009
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