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While standing in line pull your dick out and put it in the back pocket of the person in front of you and then asking them for a dollar. When they reach back for their wallet they get a handful, or fingerfull, of penis and you get a handy j but probably not the dollar.
Jack was tired of standing in line at the dmv so he gave the person in front of him the lucky levi.
by Lean Gus September 13, 2011
When you fart into a pillow and place it over the face of your sleeping partner.
I tried to get some sleep for my exam this morning but Jeff gave me a dutch bomb and I never fell back asleep.
by Lean Gus July 29, 2011
When a girl is riding you and she is in her downward motion, you thrust upward meeting her halfway. As in a river cresting.
Jacob performed such a solid sex crest that I flew off the bed.
by Lean Gus August 04, 2011
Facial hair that circles the mouth and goes down to the chin. It is used to pleasure a male during oral sex. Also known as a goatee.
Jerry has the sexiest coconut doughnut and knows to use it.
by Lean Gus August 02, 2011
A female that hasn't come out of the closet yet, but your gaydar goes off when you are around her.
After speaking with Amy yesterday I could tell she is totally a juicy pink taco.
by Lean Gus August 19, 2011
When you punch an erect penis dead on and the penis folds like and accordion. The tough part is making the penis erect.
He was going to whip my ass in the middle of the dance floor so I showed him a picture of Katy Perry and was able to give him a cock jam and escape safely.
by Lean Gus July 29, 2011

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