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One who opens the door for you.
One who loves you and wants NOTHING in return.
The man of my dreams.
My prince came justin time!
by Leah C March 14, 2007
New Zealand term for "hello"
"Ay Bro, what's going on?"
by Leah C May 24, 2007
A specific time that is set aside in order to consume wine.

It is closely related to "pre's" or "pre drinks" as it is usually a pre-determined time put aside to drink.
"I think we need some wine time girls"
by Leah C May 17, 2007
as in "oh my god"
another version of "Geez Louise"
person 1: "so sorry, I smashed your car"
person 2: "oh geez germaine, why'd you go and do that for?"
by Leah C May 17, 2007

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