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An 11-12 year old girl who acts like she owns the corners of Brooklyn. She puts up videos trying to be all "gangster" with the world. Quote: "Stop hating just cuz I'm prettier than you, I have more friends, More people like me." When in truth, we should continue hating, she only looks pretty because of her make-up, she has no friends, and no one likes her (:

The above paragraph was not a form of gossip but the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. She claims rape towards her "boyfriend" Dahvie Vanity This was fully proven a lie later on.

Then there's daddy kins. Her beloved father who sounds and looks like a deranged pedophile. We dun goofed apparently. Well, I'm sorry if your daughter likes to act like a 1 night in Paris whore. Unfortunately, if we say everything I speak to Jessi Slaughter on tumblr, we go straight to the police. Luckily her father was arrested for what ever reason, I don't care. Her mother tells Jessi to calm the fuck down but she has trouble doing so herself.

Jessi is now in foster care, BANNED from computer use, and claims to say, "sorry for everything" Whether or not to believe her is beyond all humans in the face of earth.
James: Hey Bob
Bob: Hey, wanna watch Jessi slaughter
James: NO!
Bob: why not? it's funny.
James: Dude, she speaks to everyone when she says, "I'm more prettier than you"
Bob: Oh... forever alone
by LazyPudding1026 September 06, 2011

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