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The latex smell one's vagina takes on after having sex with a man using a condom.
Guy: I didn't go down on her after we did it; she had condom cooch...and I hate the taste of that!
by Lazy A March 04, 2009
A friend that always orders something with chicken in it when you go out and doesn't like trying anything new.
Jane: Did you go to that new Sushi bar last night?

Jan: No....I was with Fran; she's my chicken friend. We went to Applebee's.
by Lazy A May 27, 2009
Stands for Bundle Of Yum.
Girl: "I need to find me a BOY!"
by Lazy A March 20, 2009
When you forget a prayer you're about to say.
I was going to say the Serenity Prayer, but I had prayeralysis. I had to go look it up.
by Lazy A October 11, 2009
Listening to a Live concert CD in your car while driving.
Girl: I don't want to get out of my car! I'm in the middle of a great carcert!
by Lazy A March 09, 2009
(RD for short) When you're on your way to the bathroom and you have to take a large dump and it will take awhile.
"I feel a raging dump coming on!"
by Lazy A March 03, 2009

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