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An obsession that only certain individuals feel compelled to partake in. The individuals may or may not be large consumers of Coca Cola, but probably are. A past time that provides some kind of euphoric feeling for obsessors who look back upon past runs. Running provides more euphoria, for some reason, when the distance that has been run is longer rather than shorter. Those who participate in running have a compulsive drive for continuous improvement.
Dave kept compulsively running and running until his doctor put him in the hospital to make him refrain from worsening his hamstring injury, even though Dave had not yet outrun every 10K record ever set.
by Layer 2 June 05, 2006
Weird pain that starts from nothing but suddenly is always there, especially when you: move, inhale, cough, laugh, lay on rib(s) in pain, accidentally lean over the side of your chair and hit your rib on the armrest, when you are walking with a bottled water and accidentally swing it into the affected rib area, twisting yourself at the rib cage to see if you make your eyes be on the back of your head, stretching arm out that is on the same side as the rib pain, and the thing most people have to fight the urge to do when they have rib pain: sit-ups. (like anyone would voluntarily do sit-ups anyway)
The blonde chick with the rib pain was totally freaking out when she accidentally got hit in the rib upon failing to successfully execute a Mach 5 yo-yo trick.
by Layer 2 June 06, 2006

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