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A type of shoe usually worn by lax players, laxers, or lax brahs. It is a cross between a MOCCAsin(sperrys usually), and mans slipPER. But only guys wear them, I can speak for my friends and myself when I say that we all think that mokipers look ugly. But if they're on the right person, they don't look so bad;)
Girl: "OMLG, those are some strange shoes!"
Lax Brah(which btw is the girl form of lax bro): "Nah, those are some pretty sweet mokipers- my boyfriend has a pair."
by Laxluvr;) August 16, 2011
CTY: The most amazing summer camp in the world- often referred to as Nerd-camp for anyone that hasn't been. You have the option to choose a site (Carlisle is the best!), and a class with a subject that interests you. You are ALWAYS having fun, I don't care what anyone else tells you! You make many many friends that get to know you and still choose love you anyways, have many new experiences, and you learn to feel sorry for all the losers that don't attend. :D This is an amazing camp that I've learned to love after 5 years of attending, and I will NEVER forget all the amazing memories- I love CTY and I love the passion fruit! ;)
Guy: "Where can you find the coolest nerds out there?"
Girl: "I don't know, where?"
Guy: "CTY!"
Girl": "Now I feel so stupid, that's so obvious!"
by Laxluvr;) August 16, 2011

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