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1 definition by Lawrence of Nevada

A boy (not a man), whose sole contribution to the upbringing of his offspring can be repaid by sending him a jizz soaked hankie and a note bearing the words "Now I owe you nothing"(an excellent quote from Salvadore Dali).
1. Adam, my sperm donor, is so lame that he gave the State a false employer name right before christmas.
2. Robert, a boy in a girlie man body, is the avatar of all narcissistic, anhedonic, joyless sperm donors.
3. Elliott, who seemed like a decent sort of fellow, was living a lie every time he called himself a 'father'. In fact, given his many failures to live up to the most minimal definition of the word, the best he could hope for is the ignominious apellation "sperm donor".
by Lawrence of Nevada December 05, 2006