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6 definitions by Lauro Chavez

1. Accidentally stumbling into the mother-load of all Marijuana crops.

2. Experiencing the most blissful feeling after smoking some really good Pot.

Person 1. "OMFG! We just found the garden of weedin!"

Person 2. "Yes - now lets get the hell out of here before we get shot!"
by Lauro Chavez October 19, 2007
1. One who works hard on being un-fit or large. The opposite of Fabio Lanzoni.

2. One who is already over-weight and persists to do nothing about it.
Dale always complains that he is over-weight, but notice his 3 baconator lunch; he is Flabio!
by Lauro Chavez October 19, 2007
Someone who is so smart, it's mind-boggling and makes others feel retarded in their presence.
Person 1. "Wow, man you like programmed that router in like 15 seconds and fixed the problem..."

Person 2. "Yeah, I have my moments."

Person 1. "Dude, you are retarded smart."
by Lauro Chavez October 19, 2007
A large woman wearing clothes so tight, that it resembles a can of biscuits that busted open. Typically, these women will be found in clubs and bars attempting to wear updated fashions; only the fashions are usually made for much smaller women.

One who's fat protrudes through their tight clothes.
Wow, her fat rolls are falling out; she's a busted can!
by Lauro Chavez October 19, 2007
Slang word referring to Hash, a bi-product of Marijuana, used when trying to keep smoking activities on the "down-low".

Commonly shortened to "Donny D".
Person 1. "Say bro, how is Donny Dash doing?"

Person 2. "He is around and he'll send you to another dimension!"
by Lauro Chavez October 19, 2007
One who is only slightly overweight or obese.
Person 1. "Dude, I've gotta get back to the gym."

Person 2. "Yeah man, you are a fat-crack."
by Lauro Chavez October 19, 2007