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A cuddle badger is a person holding a blackbelt in the Art of Cuddling. He/she is VERY persistent & will hold you accountable in the area of cuddle quotas. While the cuddle badger's cousin, the honey badger, doesn't "give a shit", this cute badger DOES. The cuddle badger's favourite prey would be unsuspecting "bad-boys" or distant women.
"I came home from work last night & the girlfriend got all cuddle badger on me!"

"She's a little too cuddle badger to me. She can't keep her hands off me in public for heaven's sakes!"
by Laurie Vuitton April 21, 2012
Defakery is associated with the fake intentions & behaviours sometimes associated with holidays such as Christmas, Birthdays, Weddings, etc.
Holidays can involve a lot of defakery b/c they require many to suck it up & plaster a fake smile when we really don't feel like doing so....you know, all those things that involve defakery.
by Laurie Vuitton December 17, 2010
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