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1 definition by Lauri (Fellow Chinner)

Chinner (noun)
A Chinner is a person with an overly developed, large, possibly even scary chin or jaw.
A Chinner can probably use their chin as a dangerous weapon.
Chinners have a tendency to stick their chins out - through choice or not.
Chinners have notably protruding chins.

If you see a person with one scary looking piece of jaw, then that person is a Chinner.

The protruding jawline of a Chinner tends to make them look smug about stuff, and it can be said, in the well known phrase, "Chinners are Winners".

Chinners found their fame as a foodstuff for giant vegetables in the well-known tale of the Uberpea, which I *DIDN'T* write, so should probably stop talking about that, the idea of "handsomeness" from olden times, and stuff like that.

To Chin (verb) To attack someone with an overly large chin. A violent trademark act of Chinners.
"Woah! Look at that Chinner!" - meaning "look at the big-chinned person!"

"Aki Hakala is king of the Chinners!" - meaning "Aki Hakala is one intimidating mother piece of jaw!"

"Chinners are winners!" - A true phrase which speaks for itself. I should know, for I, too, am a Chinner...

"Shut up, or else I'm gonna chin you to the face!!" - meaning "Shut up, or else I will dent your face with my big chin!!"
by Lauri (Fellow Chinner) January 02, 2005