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one of the greatest musicians of all time. front man of the grunge band "Nirvana", and the voice of a generation. had a passion for art, though not much of his work was ever shown. married to Courtney Love, and had 1 child, a daughter, named Frances Bean Cobain (she's the spitting image of him!!!). comitted suicide in April of 1994. he will be loved and remembered forever.
Kurt, if you can see us now, you will know how much we all miss you. You were the greatest musician of all time and will always be remembered.
by Laura Samsel July 17, 2004
a crazy-ass puppy/attack dog who i love very much
yup, Rusty is my dog and he would defend me with his life. he is the awesomest!!!
by Laura Samsel March 28, 2004

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