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Quite possibly the most over-used font in the history of fonts, characterized by its simple smooth typeface.

Typically used in passive agressive notes left by co-workers to subtly remind you that they hold moral authority over you in an obviously condescending way. Often accompanied with juxtaposed exclamation marks.

Also used by members of society who are out of touch with the rest of society. Used mistakenly as a vain attempt to reach out to the populous by using a trendy font.
Example 1.

(in Comic Sans)
Bitch Co-worker: Judy, may I remind you that the stapler you have is in fact mine!!!

Example 2.

(in Comic Sans)
Man Who Never Leaves Apartment: Attention all residents. Just wanted to let you know that I've taken the liberty of disabling your doorbells as it is too loud and disturbs my fish! Thnx.
by Late Edition July 24, 2010
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