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15 definitions by LastChancer

Mildly classyer than MySpace.
You: So last friday I had this awsome night..
Me: Yeah I saw on your livejournal sounded goood!
You: Yeah
End of covo
by LastChancer October 22, 2006
190 84
Contraction of 'isn't it' which has been used in London for about 40 years ATLEAST. (so stop attibuting it to all sorts of wierd groups of people like for example chavs) Used at the end of sentances in the same was as eh?, right? or you-get-me?
Me: Where ARE you?
You: Still at work, innit.
by LastChancer October 22, 2006
133 60
The rule that says if you drop a piece of food on the floor it is ok to eat if you pick it up in three seconds. Usually the 'three seconds' is more like 10 but it is still the three second rule.
*accidentlly drops a chip*
"Three second rule!!"
*eats chip*
by LastChancer October 26, 2006
68 22
Fucked Up
(and) Emotonal

i.e the REAL meaning behind the answer 'fine'
Robin: Howz u?
Lusi: Oh I'm fine thanks.
by LastChancer October 27, 2006
67 23
Used to descripe a girl who is a bit dippy but also a bit mad or eccentric. Friendly mild insult.
Emily: So I locked my housekey in my locker again..
Jas: Your so dappy!
by LastChancer October 22, 2006
95 65
Quite possibly the centrel hub of the universe.
If you get lost anywhere in south west London just find Clapham Junction and you can get home again
by LastChancer October 28, 2006
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There is a society at Pomona College, California, USA, which propagates the belief that the number forty-seven occurs in nature with more than other natural numbers. The origin of this appears to be a mathematical proof, written in 1964 by Professor Donald Bentley, which supposedly demonstrated that all numbers are equal to 47.

Subsequentlly the number 47 appears all over the place, notablly in most episodes of Star Trek and Alias.
Rick Berman says that 47 is 42 adjusted for inflation. LOL
by LastChancer November 22, 2006
34 15