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Cash paid to a male prostitute, usually for deviant homosexual behavior.
"Last night was off the hook. That shit was Mark-Money spent right."

"I blew my Mark-Money on Tuesday."
#greyson #mark #pasha #dinero #cash
by Larry Sabato October 20, 2006
A ho that won't give you no love.
"That bitch was an ndeich, man. I even bought her dinner."
#noah #deich #ho #mark-money #dough
by Larry Sabato October 28, 2006
The act of stinking up a joint so bad that it smells like fish.
"Dude, who dropped squid in here?"

"My buddy Zach is famous for his squid drop. Never get in an elevator with him."
#squid #fart #gas #smell #stink
by Larry Sabato October 28, 2006
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