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9 definitions by Larry Horist

The bag worn by city carriage horses to catch their poop before it hits the pavement. Named after actor Alec Baldwin who went on a crusade to have the horse-drawn carriages banned.
Make sure the baldwin bag is replaced after it is full of (expitive omitted).
by Larry Horist July 10, 2008
A person obsessed with spamming.
1. I get so much email. Mostly from spamiacs.
2. Charlie stay up all night spamming. I think he is becoming a spamiac.
by Larry Horist November 10, 2008
The taxpayer money that liberal officials and legislators give to people, organizations, and businesses to make them dependent on the federal government.
Harry's research is paid for with dependency dollars.

Liberals use dependency dollars to maintian a permanent underclass.
by Larry Horist November 30, 2009
n. A distorted and convoluted opinion, usually political, presented by media personalities, pundits and politicians to twist facts to partisan advantage. (NOTE: If it has an Irish sound to it, it is mere coincidence and one can only credit the gods of irony.)
There were a lot of ospinions being expressed on television after the presidential debate. The president's spokesperson was offering up a unique ospinion.
by Larry Horist October 17, 2012
Urban plains: A vast area of weedy vegetation and new trees that rose from former city neighborhoods that were once populated by blocks of houses and the people who have since fled the city.
The once populace Detroit is now one of the largest urban plains in America. The west side of Chicago is giving way to urban plains.
by Larry Horist April 10, 2014
noun/a list of life long projects that a person has had in process or in the back of their mind, but have never completed.
Wow! I just turned seventy and still have things I want to do. I better create a kick the bucket list.
by Larry Horist July 28, 2013
They tendency of liberals to engage in political debate by using foul language, very often a string of foul words in place of content. .
I tried to chat with an online liberal, but he only responded by calling me a series of gutter names. Must have Liberal Tourette Syndrome.
by Larry Horist August 19, 2014