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A Puerto Rican from New York, that has more African-American urban culture than actual Boricua culture. Boricuas (Puerto Ricans from the island of Puerto Rico) have a strong dislike for Nuyoricans and wish to distance themselves from being associated with Nuyoricans.
How come that guy covered in the Puerto Rican flag can't speak Spanish?

Well he's a Nuyorican, He has 13446 flags but acts more like Jay Z than Luis Fonsi
by Lares Nene January 15, 2008
Is the Puerto Rican word for someone of low class, often associated with living in caserios.

People in Puerto Rico as well use the word cafre as a synonym for Nuyorican.
Why does that Nuyorican have so many flags yet can't speak Spanish and doesn't act Latino, and acts ghetto (low class)

Well he/she is a cafre
by Lares Nene January 15, 2008

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