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3 definitions by LaredoHK

N. A mounted laser sight offen used on a click clack.
"Damn nigga where did you get that click clack with a beam?"
by LaredoHK April 10, 2006
111 52
N. Any Hi-Point Firarms replacement for a Glock. This term orginated because of Hi-Point's incredible low prices on new guns which always retail for less than 200 dollars brand new. They have similar square frames but are 75% cheaper and 75% heavier, ideal for any broke man in the ghetto in need of a gat.
"Is that a Glock?"
"Naw, this is a ghetto glock"
by LaredoHK April 10, 2006
63 15
1. A gun which makes a loud chambering sound while loading it. This is includes but isn't limited to: Semi-Automatic Pistols, and Pump Shotguns.

"Any questions?"
by LaredoHK April 10, 2006
69 54