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The term "Fujianese" refers to a Chinese person originating from Fujian, a province on China's southeastern coast. In addition to Mandarin, many Fujianese also speak their own local variety of Min Chinese. In addition to being renowned for their cuisine (one of China's "Eight Great Traditions"), their astute business skills, and their entrepreneurial spirit, the Fujianese are also notable for their extreme good looks. Always oriented towards the sea and international trade, the Fujianese have established an extensive network of oversees communities spanning Southeast Asia, Australia, the U.S., and Canada. They are by nature quite cuddly, and unlike Beijingers, need not be approached with undue caution.
That dashing young Fujianese gentleman just winked at me. I think I shall invite him to bubble tea.
by Laowaiguoren December 21, 2009
A Han Chinese People originally from North China, but now distributed in several southern provinces. The Hakka speak a dialect of the same name. Known for their "Tulou", an old type of round housing compound/fortification that can house a large number of people and withstanding earthquakes and sieges. The Hakka were not always welcomed wherever they went. In particular, the mid-19th Century saw clashes in Guangdong Province between incoming Hakka and local Cantonese, in what are now called the Punti-Hakka Clan Wars.
In Mandarin, Hakka is pronounced "Kejia". It sounds so different!
by Laowaiguoren December 21, 2009
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