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slang for vagina (ver-jine-er)
"oh look at that virginer!!!"
by Lando McPherson October 12, 2006
gogonga is a word used for extreme joy...at random moments (ga-gong-guh)
"dude tyler there is a pokemon mmorpg!"
by Lando McPherson October 12, 2006
When referring to someone who claims to be an uber hacker and/or haxzor, hackzor. When you in fact know that their skills are limited and that they claim hacking to seem cool, you can call them a Coxzor, or Cockzor. That is an indefinite victory on your part.
"d00d, I am an 3l337 H@XZ0R!! I totally Pwn3d that n00b"
"Dude, you are such a coxzor."
by Lando McPherson October 15, 2007
When you do something completely inane and retarded. It annoys most around. This is called pulling a Reeves. Someone pulling a Reeves can usually be stopped by taking control of the situation or shouting, 'Hey, hey, why don't you.... SHUT THE FUCK UP."
"Dudes, dudes, dudes, I'm in a hurry. COME ON COME ON. Hey, look at my penis. Wow.... COME ON. Oh.. jeez... Hurry hurry.
"Stop pulling a Reeves and, SHUT THE FUCK UP."
by Lando McPherson October 15, 2007

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