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Italian word refering to a black eggplant,
also a slang term used in place of nigger
, coon, jungle bunny, spear chucker, leroy, nigger, nigger, spook, nappy head, and mud flap.
what the fuck were you doing with that stinky fuckin' moulinyan, you didn't go ozone stargazing did you. You would be walking funny if you let that moulinyan donut hole you. For a minute I thought you were a nigger lover.
while titty humping some bitch backwards, so that your anus is in the vacinity of her mouth. as you are about to reach climax, proceed to punch her in the stomach and simultaneously release fecal matter directly into her mouth.
i was out with Gina Lord and we were getting pie-eyed at Frank's house. She got so shnockered that i convinced her to let me titty fuck her. she asked me what i was doing facing that way and i said, "nothing but you are ozone stargazing!" and then i dropped huge anchor in her face.

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